Sunday, January 23, 2011

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'd give 'yes' there are no seniors.

Yes if there was no's senior citizens, the wealth was lost quickly. The economy's
'd terribly difficult, the seniors would have her.
Look at the tourist centers, who is occupying the bus and train?
who gives the driver even at the end, as some € Zubrotspende?
Mallorca's beaches would be empty, if there were no more seniors.
what else is and always was:
comes to us by no seniors. The doctors have long
angry, we must keep alive.
If there were no senior citizens more, the waiting room would be empty ..
Who knows what to do with rheumatism and gout, there would be no seniors.
Who else than us is really sick? Who stacked the medicine cabinet?
Although we hate the fees, we fill the pharmacist and health insurance.
Who walks around with a proud full of heroism new hip?
We old's are, quite properly!
us seniors to miss:.
If I say today is' still a cure? Are not most seniors only?
Who us old looks in the throat, who can make dentures and teeth? And there is
Aw, torture, we do it with much panache. The dentist had
thumbs turn left, look at him as a pensioner.
who throws himself into the shopping fray and has not time for a stroll?
Some department store would be empty and some business would not exist anymore.
The state would not take where we should leave the pension? Whether
department store, bakery or confectionery:
comes to us by no seniors. No
grandchildren would 'ever born, there'd not before the elderly.
Although we are only half of some healthy and suffers from amnesia.
However, we do not have it uncomfortable, some of us live very comfortable.
But the whole life was not easy until we have reached the age.
We saw some difficult years moving, we heard many tunes.
yourselves existence now is not that hard because we are senior citizens but who!
That we are not to be deprived of that now every child knows.
The old people's homes - if you please - where would the residents of her?
Who fills the spaces there - whoever - there would be 'there only an empty room.
we are also old and getting old, we are still in demand everywhere. Only we do
woo pensioners so, the usually inherit something.
But we are so bright Seniors: Never pass on to the Fast!
But there'd be no us our merry old who all cheerfully shape, then no one today would
ago and this space would be empty.
In this sense, as it may,
comes to us by no seniors.


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